2012 – Understanding the secrets of sex

What is SEX??

What do you mean “what is SEX“? who the hell doesn’t know what sex is? Children know what sex is, everybody knows what sex is…

Don’t you find it odd that such a ‘natural’ and basic form of human interaction has never been actually talked about directly?

Have you noticed there has always been an unspoken agreement in society about not talking about sex, not sharing sexual experiences, it’s always been talked about like a big dark secret… have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why sex has become some sort of “forbidden fruit” in many cultures, and has cultural restrictions placed upon it. Almost like these restrictions function as a form of social mind control…

Have you even noticed how much you are directed by the desires/fears/ideas you have towards and about SEX?

Why is it that when we see an attractive person, one that “fits” our ideal for a sexual partner, we become blind to everything else, and we switch into a state of mind of a hunter, hunting down our prey? We become manipulative and deceptive, we change our personality in order to lure the person we desire…

Why is this? Why are we so addicted to SEX? Why can’t we control ourselves?

And more importantly – what can we do about it?

How long are we going to accept ourselves as programed robots, being directed and moved by SEX, being manipulated through this program by advertisement companies, making us desire their product because it smells like SEX?


Wake up – free yourself from the limitations of your mind – free yourself from sex, so you can actually start having SEX for the first time!!!!!

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