Product Review

I am here to share with you my thoughts in regards to the recorded interviews i found to be supportive and assisting. You can find all these recordings, books, music and much more at the Desteni Equal Life Store . all products are aligned with the message of equality and Oneness, as what is best for all, and as application of that principle – all profits from product sales are split between the Equal Life Foundation, the creator/producer/editor of the product and the seller/affiliate – this way all participant have an opportunity to make a living from the store. this is done based on the understanding that until an Equal Money System is in place – we must work together and support each other as we provide for ourselves.

The more the message of equality and the practical application of it is heard – the more people participate within changing themselves as the principle of equality and oneness and applying themselves as what is best for all within self honesty – the faster this process will be – the sooner we create heaven on earth.

I have purchased some recordings from the Equal Life Store and have been listening to them as i drive – taking advantage of my time spent in my car.

The recent recording i heard was done by Audrey Hepburn through the inter-dimensional Portal and is about Family and Friends – i highly recommend it to you – it is a fascinating and  extremely supportive interview in regards to self change within facing/communicating with family & friends – anybody that has changed their way of life will be benefited by listening to this interview.

within walking my process i have experienced many resistances and conflict with communicating to and with my family and friends, and this recording shows with great clarity the ‘mistakes’ i have made to create this conflict and resistance – i have shared my process as knowledge and information, as “knowing” what is right, as giving advise – instead of by simply living myself as a living example, instead of allowing myself to humbly walk my process i was riding a high horse of superiority and thus pushed many people away, and by doing so actually applying the opposite of the words i preach – now, through listening to this supportive recording i can start a new – i can stop and correct myself, to not fall in the pattern of giving advise/wanting to be heard as right but rather to focus on myself and apply the tools as self honesty and self forgiveness for myself.

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