Desperation leads to self burning – what can we do about it?

Last night a man burned himself in Israel due to major financial hardship that has not only been over-looked and ignored by government policy but has also been increased by it. The government policy is making things harder and more complicated, instead of being there as a support system to help those in need to get back on their feet.

Shouldn’t the government policy be made up in a way that supports us, the citizens, and gives us security that we are being cared for, I mean, why else have we created organized groups as countries and within them a system of a government to manage everything? We will soon have to ask ourselves if we want a government to function as a platform for people that are interested in power and greed will have control over us or would we like a government that is focused on supporting us, helping us to create a nice, pleasant and secure life experience, not pushing us down when we are weak but rather help us up?

He is not the first man to burn himself alive to express his despair of the abusive system we are all trapped within. Some people have done so from pure ideology and others from personal desperation, but their voice is all the same – “What is going on is unacceptable – something must change – this must be stopped!!”

So, let’s have a look at what is unacceptable, who is responsible and what is there to do about it.

As far as I see it, it all comes down to the basic right for a dignified life for all – All living beings have a basic/natural right to live with dignity, to live a fear less life, to have shelter, food, water, education, and to have the security that one’s children and loved ones will be protected, taken care of and have a dignified life as well.

What does it mean that it is a basic right?

Well, it means that it is given unconditionally – I do not have to do anything special to receive what is my basic right. It’s what we all deserve just for being alive.

Looking at the world today, we unfortunately see that this basic right is far from being met, we all have to work very hard to “make a living” as if we are not alive and only through working we earn our legitimacy to live.

It is unacceptable that people are thrown out from their homes in the name of profit and greed, it is unacceptable that profit and greed are the directive principle of our experience in every aspect of our lives – the reason for our reality looking as it does is because we have all agreed and accepted this system as a given, we are all participating within/as it and thus we are all equally responsible – which is a cool thing to know – because the meaning of it is that we are all equally responsible and equally able to stand and to change the situation.

So, what do we do about it?

We can start by make a list of all the atrocities we see going on “out there” in the world and start by looking within ourselves in self-honesty, and allowing ourselves to see where do we participate in these constructs. Constructs such as greed, manipulation, abuse, deceit, corruption, exploitation… after we have seen our participation we then have an opportunity to forgive ourselves within making a self-commitment to change, and to continue until we can trust ourselves to not be directed by our self-interest and desires but to stand for support of all life as one and equal.

I’ve realized that our reality is the sum-consequences of all our participation, thus by changing ourselves we change our reality, one step at a time. And once we support ourselves within the humbleness of self-honesty we can support those around us by to see themselves by being a living example of self-honesty, living what is best for all life within oneness and equality.

I have also realized that our reality is a reflection of ourselves and vice versa thus we must work to change our reality from within and from without – hence changing the money system as the system in place that effects/controls/directs all our life in every aspect of it.

This is why we, desteni, call for an equal money system that will change the value system on which the economy exist within/upon.

In the current money system, the highest value is of profit, causing abuse towards life, just like the situations of people losing their home because their don’t have any money while homes exist and are empty, or factories employing workers to work as slave for the ‘right’ to earn their survival while the company makes a profit on each worker’s head/life.

Instead we suggest a system that values LIFE – the system will be based on the highest value being that of LIFE – this would mean that, within the system, we will target our basic needs and provide them to all equally and unconditionally – the only condition to receive a dignified life would be being alive – that’s it.

Within changing the value system we live by, we change everything. Many jobs will not exist as they do today because they exist only for the sake of profit, jobs will not need to be invented for the purpose of “creating jobs” just for people to “make a living” thus there will be much more free man power available for the actual functions needed to provide us all a better life experience. It’s absurd because at the same time we are creating jobs we are building machines to take over jobs in the name of cutting expenses to create more profit, thus creating unemployment to then have to create more useless jobs and so on and so forth….

In a new system that values life and is based on equality, we can use machines to improve performances and free humans from doing a ‘machines job’, allowing humans to do the work that machine cannot do, like think of ways to build more machines that are practical and effective and can improve our experience on this earth, or focus on education or caring for the elders or animals… there are so many things to do that actually support life and are enjoyable…


Once all people have their basic right actually met, think about all the progress we would make within humanity just by all these people not having to struggle for survival and are free to help out with finding practical solutions or participating in research and so on.

At the moment half the man power in the world is starving for food, is in survival mode and is treated like a function, an object, that it’s only purpose is to create more profit to the wealthy by consumerism or labor. In a system that dignifies life – all these people will become equal participants in our world and will be able to contribute their creativity and self-expression to the totality of humanity and existence.

There is so much to do, but the fact is that we must start with each and every one of us, we must be able to stand as self-trust, to prove to ourselves that we will not fall back to greed and desires, and to work on creating a system that is able to cross reference to ensure that the goal of equal life is protected and supported in all ways.

Research the equal money system and join us for discussion on the forum, to help us build/create the system to be as effective as can be

for more perspectives on this point visit this blog as well


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2012 – What is there waiting for us after death?

What is there waiting for us after death?

When we are children and someone we love dies, we are told there is a heaven, a nice place people go to when they die – children are told this story because it is comforting to believe such an idea, both for the child and the adult (probably more for the adult). I mean, it’s obvious that no one really knows what goes on after death, especially those that speak about heaven, because if they knew it for a fact, they would not be afraid of death – if I know for a fact that there is a heaven I wouldn’t fear death on the contrary I would want to go there as fast as possible…  yet, we see that most of the world is running to kill themselves so most of them must know for themselves, deep down, that they are lying to themselves about heaven.

I see around me people talk about death from such a fearful perspective. My grandfather passed away last year after a good friend of his passed away, and last week my grandfather’s brother died. I’ve heard my family talking about how all three of them will meet and take care of each other ‘up there’… It’s like we are all children feeding ourselves with ideas and make belief stories to feel better and forget how afraid we are…

We are consciously lying to ourselves, so we don’t face our fear of death…

And what is this fear of death if not a distraction from the fact that we are in fact alive… we are distracting ourselves from living by fearing not living – what a fuck up!!! Why are we distracting ourselves from living instead of giving ourselves the gift of life and allowing ourselves to live here as breath in every moment? Why are we sabotaging ourselves from our lives?…

We fear death because we fear not living, we fear the un-known, but the irony is that now that we are alive we are obsessed with the fear of death, lying to ourselves with stories, distracting ourselves further more from what is here, as life…

As long as we are alive we have a responsibility to ourselves to live, to actually live, to not focus our attention on what is not relevant, what is not real… as long as we allow ourselves to distract ourselves with the fear of death we are living out that which we fear most…

It is like a loop, by fearing death we are manifesting ourselves as death by not allowing ourselves to live, so we are in fact creating what we fear…

Fear of death is a mind trap, programmed to keep us trapped in the loop of the mind as fear. In order to suppress this fear we tell ourselves comforting stories… instead of facing the real issue which is the fact that we are not allowing ourselves to live, the fact that we are killing ourselves off by believing our minds, missing the whole point of life – to realize ourselves as life – to realize ourselves as one and equal to and as everything/everyone in and as existence

As long as we don’t allow ourselves to face our fear of death and “look it in the eye” by telling ourselves stories about heaven and the afterlife and reincarnation… (Whether any of it is real or not I am not capable of knowing… the point is that any idea/belief is irrelevant…) we are not allowing ourselves to live, we are suppressing ourselves as life, and within that we are suppressing all life as ourselves – thus, we are the abuser of life, we are the murderer of life, we are the suppresser of life – as long as we don’t stop ourselves.

for further perspective please check out the following interview: Portal expanded interdimensionally



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2012 – Understanding the secrets of sex

What is SEX??

What do you mean “what is SEX“? who the hell doesn’t know what sex is? Children know what sex is, everybody knows what sex is…

Don’t you find it odd that such a ‘natural’ and basic form of human interaction has never been actually talked about directly?

Have you noticed there has always been an unspoken agreement in society about not talking about sex, not sharing sexual experiences, it’s always been talked about like a big dark secret… have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why sex has become some sort of “forbidden fruit” in many cultures, and has cultural restrictions placed upon it. Almost like these restrictions function as a form of social mind control…

Have you even noticed how much you are directed by the desires/fears/ideas you have towards and about SEX?

Why is it that when we see an attractive person, one that “fits” our ideal for a sexual partner, we become blind to everything else, and we switch into a state of mind of a hunter, hunting down our prey? We become manipulative and deceptive, we change our personality in order to lure the person we desire…

Why is this? Why are we so addicted to SEX? Why can’t we control ourselves?

And more importantly – what can we do about it?

How long are we going to accept ourselves as programed robots, being directed and moved by SEX, being manipulated through this program by advertisement companies, making us desire their product because it smells like SEX?


Wake up – free yourself from the limitations of your mind – free yourself from sex, so you can actually start having SEX for the first time!!!!!

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2012 – The consumerism of prophecies and prediction

I’ve recently noticed an interesting similarity between how consumerism works within the current capitalistic money system and how gurus work towards their followers.

In consumerism it is common knowledge that products are designed to break after a short time so the costumer would have to go out and purchase another product repeatedly, the costumer is made to be dependent on the manufacturer for a new product every few years/months, time and time again. The market place works in such a way based on the starting point of making the highest profit possible and within the calculation of profit comes in the frequency of perchance. This starting point is imbedded in each product we see on the shelves – it is a strategy that the consumerism system uses to make sure that we as consumers will keep buying and buying and buying…

The same principle applies with gurus – they create a platform of which their followers will be dependent on them, and return time and time again to hear what they have to say, or even just to be close to them, some followers are inspired by them from within a belief that by hearing the guru and being close to them, the enlightenment will rub off and they too will experience some grace/silent/enlightenment/peace of mind…

Many Gurus tell their followers that they are perfect just as they are and in fact divine, they tell them to focus on positive thoughts and push away all the negativity while giving them hope that everything will turn for the better – this way they trap them in a “feel good idea”, this way the followers become addicted to the guru’s words as the solution for their problems. As the guru share prophecies and future prediction, their followers become further trapped in the idea that “just around the corner” they will find salvation…

This is how it is with the 2012 prophecies, many gurus and spiritual groups have created an idea about this particular date, and by keeping it in the near and visible future, their followers are trapped to believe that it is worth practicing their work because they will be saved/enlightened in just a few years/months…  and now, as the date is coming closer, and the gurus don’t want to lose their followers once they find out it was all a make believe scam – they keep them trapped by changing the date and postponing the day of salvation. While doing so they keep preaching to their followers, and basically stripping them out of their ability to self direct and self trust by speaking about how good they are and how good they will feel instead of letting them see who they are for themselves.

All of this is done from a starting point of profit, they profit from the prophecy…

For the gurus to sustain themselves in this world, they need, as the rest of us, money to survive, and they have found a deceiving and harmful way to do so, just as any manufacturer in this capitalistic world. The only principle they follow is that of their personal/individual profit, while disregarding the benefit of their followers, not to mention the rest of existence as a whole.

A responsible manufacturer would create the best product possible with the best materials and would even add to the product some instructions for how to fix common problems as they come up. a responsible manufacturer would not want their costumer to return for more shitty products time and time again, they would take respect in their work and would create the best product possible that lasts the longest, with the smallest eco footprint possible and so on… their product would be practical and useful and would apply the principle of what is best for all life, it would not be wasteful or harmful, it would not use cheap and abusive man labor. A responsible manufacturer would respect themselves and all life as themselves.

Just as a responsible manufacturer, A responsible Guru should do the same – give you the tools to realize that you don’t really need anyone besides yourself to self realize, they would give you the tools to realize you are actually equal to the them, they would give you the tools to build your self trust so you can stand and direct yourself to no longer be dependent on them as a guru but be able to support yourself and each other and everyone around you as equals.

The 2012 prophecies are basically a money making machine, an industry of gurus and followers who believe they will be saved by something separate than themselves while preaching for oneness.

Look for the inconsistencies in their stories – you will find them. Look for inner conflict in what they say – you will find it, look for justifications for the atrocities of the world – it’s all there. It’s all based on keeping you trapped in believing you are doing something good and nice while actually not doing a thing besides trapping you in your mind, and all for what? For their own self interest.

Watch out – build critical thinking – don’t believe only that which feels nice and good – realize this world is fucked up but can be changed – realize you must first allow yourself to see how fucked up you are and start changing yourself – it won’t be all pink and rosy, but it must be done.

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2011 – Passive Income – The capitalistic dream

passive income – the capitalistic dream

why do we want passive income? Because we don’t want to fear survival, we don’t want to be enslaved to our job, we want to be able to be free to do as we please and not have to worry about money.

how can we create a passive income? By leveraging our money – so we can see that the dream of having passive income can only be done through money – money creates more money – but what about those that don’t have any? Are they not worthy to live the dream?

Another way to make a passive income is to understand the banking system and know to manipulate it, for loans and such, but still to get loans you must have a stable income or money put aside.

So you need money to invest it, you need money to leverage it and you need money to get a loan – again the capitalistic system is showing us that it is supporting the have’s and abusing the have not’s.

let’s use and example – I want to have a house so I can rent it out and make a passive income on it, but that would mean that the people that are renting the house from me have to pay, they need to work harder to cover their rent – so I am achieving my dream of having passive money at the expense of people that have to work very hard to pay me this money.

Why can’t we all live the dream, why can’t we all have a passive income that supports us and eliminates the fear of survival, an income that allows us to explore ourselves and our expression so we can work/create/research/build/fix what we want and find interest and enjoyment in doing?

So, who said we can’t? in the current capitalistic system that is based on polarity, we can’t all live the dream, but we are not enslaved to the system, we can change it and find a creative solution that will work for the benefit of us all, so we can all exist within the security, enjoyment and fulfillment we all wish for, hope for and dream about.

There is a solution – the Equal Money system (EMS) – and the first step would be to implement the BIG (Basic Income Grant) which provides a basic income to all people to stop the enslavement we have towards money, to stop the fear and survival mode we are in, to allow us to expand.

Equal Money System – passive income for all so that we can all have the dream come true

Let’s stop living based in fear and survival, and create heaven on earth.

Join us

to find out more – there are many articles/recordings/blogs/perspectives at the desteni forum and website –

and at EQAFE store you will find a selected material for an easy and accessible way to research all the information.

at the EQAFE store you will find recordings about process support, equality, sex, relationships, Equal Money System, music, book, and much much more

also for those looking for some information in hebrew, you can find recordings about the EMS here

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2011 – Who will provide funeral services in EMS ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system the focus of everything within the system will be shifted from the value of money as individual profit within the polarity of loss/gain, to the value of life as the benefit of all as equals within the principle of what is best for all.

Within an equal money system there will be no more slaves to do our dirty work since we will all have our needs met as a basic standard of life, so no one can be used and manipulated through money to do something they don’t want to do, no one can be controlled through the power of money – Thus, to maintain ourselves within the practicality of what needs to be done – we will all have to share the responsibility equally and come up with creative solutions to make our experience more affective and pleasant, as we support ourselves and all living beings within this physical reality which we all share together.

Let’s take a look at the funeral industry – in the current system, the funeral business is one of the most “brilliant” business structures due to it being so reliable, based on the fact the people will never stop dying, and thus the business will always have new customers. Another point within this is that most probably, the people doing all the digging and the “dirty work” within the funeral service, are probably doing it solely for the money/survival and not because it is their choice of a dream job.

In an equal money system the whole structure and starting point of the ‘death business’ will have to change – it will be re-assets and re-formed to be aligned with the principle of equality as what is best for all. In other words, the funeral service will cease to be a money making business.

Obviously people will still die, and will need proper disposal of their bodies, so some form of funeral will still take place in an Equal money system.

How will it work?

I will share here some options that i thought of, but obviously there are many more practical solutions that I haven’t thought of – when we put our heads together there is no limit to our creativity within finding the solution that is best for all.

One idea is firstly find out if anybody would like to do this job – maybe some people would find that taking care of the dead is something they chose to do, not from fear of survival but from a preference, in that case, taking care of the funeral service would be their contribution to the community.

In case of a situation where nobody want to take over such a job, there could be a rotation between everybody, for all the jobs that have to be done and nobody wants to do, such as funeral service, so in this case everybody shares the responsibility and ends up doing it very rarely.

Another option is that a machine is invented and it “takes care” of the deceased.

Another idea could be cremation, or throwing the body to the ocean to be eaten by the sharks, returning to nature as food…

The point is that within the principle of what is best for all a solution will be found, within the principle of equality all jobs that are in fact a modern form of slavery – WILL END!!!


If we all join together we can make this place into heaven on earth for ALL as ONE as EQUALS.

Once we start walking in the direction of equality, once we walk as the principle – then finding the specific roads to walk on becomes easy – Then solutions will be found to solve all points – and all that will be left for us to do is enjoy ourselves as life.

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:

There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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2011 – What will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system – what will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ?

Warren Buffett has been documented as the wealthiest person in the world in 2008, and the third wealthiest in 2011, with a net value of 64B$ (give or take a few bucks).

Can you even grasp that? 64 billion dollars is 64,000,000,000$ – it’s one thousand times 64 million… if you want to take a look at what a billion dollars or a trillion dollars look like check out this link:

How much money does one person/family need?

So, I ask myself, what motivates a man to earn so much money, and to continue and continue… is it control / power / survival / success / addiction? What is it?

Warren Buffett along with Bill Gates are both considered to be two of the biggest philanthropists on earth, they have created charities and donated large amounts of money.  The statement of their charity work is to end poverty, to help with education and so on – sounds good – let’s have a deeper look…

In the current money system, one could not have made so much money without using and abusing, manipulating and deceiving. One must know to “work the system”, one must take advantage of “human nature” as a way to manipulate the money balance within investments / stocks / insurance / sales / marketing and so on… looking within self honesty one sees that within this current economic system this cannot be done with a “clean conscience”, one has to “play dirty” at times if not most/all the time…

In the current money system as we live in today, the highest value is the value of money/profit, and anything is valid within the flexible radios of the law – so for instance, when Microsoft sells a program, it is intentionally not within their highest standards because they want to make money as they sell more and newer upgrades/editions – they are doing so within the principle of deception, they are not doing what is best for all, no. they are giving us a lesser product so we will buy the upgrades in little pieces instead of giving us the best possible product they can deliver.  All in the name of maximizing their profits. (Microsoft is just an example, the same deception as profit based agenda is the same in most if not all money making companies that haven’t made a directed decision to value the principle of life as what is best for all and not the principle of profit).

The funny thing in people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, is that they became rich through manipulating the people, the same people that they are now giving they money to as charity. Within doing so they are considered to be “good” people/giving/appreciated by society and themselves, when all along they, as taking part in the system, have been a big part of the reason for why poverty exist in the first place.

In an equal money system the rules of game will change – the directing principle will not be based on the value of profit but rather on the value of life – all life will be considered to determine if an action is worth taking. Manipulating the system for profit when all life pay the price will be un acceptable within the equal money system.

So, what will happen to the billionaire’s money? They will have to give up their power, they will have to equalize themselves to the rest of us, they will have to let go the desire to control so much of our world through the power of money, they will have to give up the desire to be philanthropic because no one will need their charity anymore because all will be taken care of within the system.

In an equal money system, once it is stable, the predictions are that all will have a life style of millionaires, so for all to live equally as millionaires the billionaires of this current system will have to step down and join us.

We must change our way of thought when looking at an equal money system, some of you may think, as I have before, that it isn’t fair/right to make the richest of the rich take a step down, they have worked hard for their money, they earned it – and other may think that they are to blame for creating this situation in the first place – we mustn’t forget that  we all created this situation together equally, we are all responsible and thus no one is to be blamed but all must take self responsibility.

Thus, it isn’t to punish them for their evil actions, no, it is to stop the abuse, to stop the manipulation, to stop the deception and work together to create the best reality possible for all as equals.

We can all live in a heaven on earth if we all agree to adjust ourselves and align ourselves according to the principle of what is best for all – from the realization that when what is best for all is applied – it is in fact the application of what is best for self.

For all to be millionaires some will have to give up being billionaires – I support this change – what about you?

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:

There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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2011 – Money as Motivation – the Desteni Mega Store

I am walking this process of self realization within self honesty and as such, experiencing many ups and downs, I am yet to walk within stability and consistency – but am walking none the less.

I am still not yet stable within the point of self motivation and I have seen this now through the opening of the desteni mega store – I am experiencing myself excited about the launch of the desteni store, excited about the products and about the basic concept of the store as a way to provide an income to both the equal life foundation and the creators/sellers of the products. Another way to support the group as a whole and the individuals that create it.

Within this excitement I have noticed my eagerness to get started with my store, I have bought some products so I can now sell them online, and have placed some links in my blogs.

What I see within this is the obvious – that I am still motivated by money, pushing myself because of an external stimulation as the possible commission of making a sale – but the fascinating point within this, is the genius of the mega store concept: even though I am motivated by money, I am still supporting the group’s effort within the principle of what is best for all as one and equal.

So, within seeing this, I have an opportunity to set myself free from the motivation of money and find the point of self motivation that I have been hiding from myself as not taking self responsibility and relying on external triggers as motivation/excuses… this will take some time….

But while I take the time to sort myself out – the “who I am” at the moment, as being directed and motivated by money – is still supporting the collective destonian goal as bringing forth an equal money system as support for all as one, and to free ourselves from the mind possession we all exist in.

This is the core of using the system, as what is here, to change the system – the greed and ‘money based motivation’ is still a construct within myself that I have not yet directed within applying self forgiveness on the point, it is what I have allowed myself to be and become equal and one to – until I stop, forgive myself, correct myself and change. This is the process of self, and it will take time.

This is an example of how a new and supportive system such as the equal money system would work – it would be brilliantly created in such a way that as long as we are still walking our process, as long as we are still motivated by money and greed, the system will “use” our addictions to the benefit of the whole – and thus use what is here to change what is here, slowly but surely – one breath at a time.

Obviously this isn’t about giving myself excuses and justification for the greed I have allowed myself to exist as and for allowing myself to be motivated by money instead of being self motivated, no. it is simply a realization of the process I have ahead of me, and within that an observation that even the constructs that I judge as ‘bad’, can be used as support for the benefit of all.

As I see it – the equal money will be built/created within phases, each phase will address the ‘place’ we are at as a collective and will adjust/change with us, as we as humanity change – at first the system would be based on external stimulation to create motivation, and then, in time, as we change due to eliminating the value of money, eliminating the “living for survival”, as we change the education system to actually support us as life, as we proceed in our walking the process of self honesty, as we perfect ourselves and align ourselves to the principle of oneness and equality as what is best for all – the system we exist as, the system we will have created to support us will change with us.

All we have to use is what is here, as we change ourselves we must use all that is here as leverage to support ourselves and all as ourselves, until we stand as life and support ourselves unconditionally in every breath.

An interview about the Basic Income Grant – BIG – as a step on the way to an Equal Money System – EMS

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:

There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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2011 – Gymnastics and Equal Money

When I was a child I was a gymnast, I went to a gymnastics class twice a week, and I loved it. There were two levels of my enjoyment – the one was the physical activity, pushing the bodies limits, doing amazing things such as cartwheels, handstands, flips and other cool stuff… the other level of enjoyment had to do with competition, enjoying being good at something, and specifically being better than others – and in the same breath – knowing i am worse than others and that would be where the part I didn’t enjoy came in…

I remember the teachers really pushing us to do our best, to push through our fears, to jump fully, to run fully, to do it completely. the physical part was quite cool.

Yesterday my mom sent me a clip of a skinny Chinese gymnast doing amazing acrobatics. under the link she wrote something about how amazing the human body is…

I looked at this skinny, over flexed, acrobatics and instead of seeing the wonder my mom saw – all I could see was child abuse.

I don’t know the story of this particular girl, but I’ve seen some documentary movies about the training gymnasts go through as children, and it’s child abuse to say the least. They are creating gold medalists, perform artists, money makers…

When I was growing up I wasn’t into competing even though my teachers wanted me to go for it, they said I had a strong body and could be good at it if I directed myself towards it – I didn’t want to do it because of a combination of stage fright, low self esteem and laziness. I was given a choice by my parents/teachers and they didn’t force me to be a competitive gymnast. [As I write the words “I was given a choice” I partly take it back, because I was limited by the mind set I was in, in my case I wasn’t free to choose to go for it and do it, i have created a self inflicted limitation.]

These girls and boys from the gymnasts documentary have to be the best they can be and then some, you see their poor faces, not enjoying themselves, not enjoying their bodies, pushing their bodies beyond their natural boundaries, disregarding the bodies physical limitations, disregarding themselves – and for what? Why do these adults abuse these children? Are they evil?  Or irresponsible?…

No, well, yes and no… yes – because they are in fact abusing these children, No – because they are simply living by and as the system we all accept and live as, they are a reflection of all of us – so they are evil – yes, but no more than any of us…

The starting point of their actions is survival through making money through these children becoming professionals, we are all forced to look out for our survival because the system we live as is constructed in such a way that if you don’t look out for your self – no one else will. It’s a man eat man world – that’s how we have accepted ourselves to live as.

Imagine a world where all children have the right and opportunity to learn all the cool activities of gymnastics, but they are not forced to perform at a certain standard because nobody will make a profit out of it, a world where they can simply enjoy themselves as they explore their physical bodies and see what it can do.

Imagine a world where we do not need to fight for our survival in everything we do, where we can simply enjoy ourselves and what we chose to do, because we like doing it – not because it will make us more or less money

Imagine a world where all people are respected and treated simply as fellow people, before they are seen and treated as employees/consumers/workers/slaves/products.

Imagine a world that all the economic rules are different and allow such a “fantasy” to exist. can you even imagine it or do you truly believe that the way we live now is the only way to live?

I say no – and anybody that believes that this is the only way is simply accepting/supporting the abuse to continue – how can we continue to allow child abuse to continue in the name of entertainment and profit?

I just had a talk with a friend and he believes that there is nothing to be done, the world is the way it is with all the abuse/neglect/corruption and that’s just the way it is – all we can do is stick our head in the sand and be grateful we were born on the “right” side of the track … this friend wanted me to give him an explanation as to why all people should be treated equally. I was at a loss for words – how can I explain that which I find to be so basic?

All I know is that all children deserve an equal right for education, health care, nutrition, shelter, play time, support… and aren’t we all children that have grown up? When does it happen that we stop being children and no longer deserve these equal rights? When is it ok to abuse/kill/suppress/manipulate/use each other, for anything such as: profit/power/wealth/spite?…. when do we stop being children?

Children abuse as gymnastics will stop in an equal money system; so much of the abuse we accept and allow to exist will naturally stop in an equal money system.

Some believe our economy to have a life of it’s own, but actually we each give it it’s power through our acceptance and participation with it.

We must realize that it’s up to us to unite and come up with an alternative to the abusive system we are existing as today, we must stand together and support each other as ourselves as we change ourselves to be trust worthy in a new system.

This can be done – if we chose to get off our asses and do it.

If you are one vote for equality, if you are a vote for stopping the abuse, if you are a vote for stopping the state of survival we all live and actually start living as life itself…

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:

There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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2011 – nature versus profit – who will we allow to win?

Will nature always be second best?

There have been lots of social protests in Israel in the past few months, and all around the world as well. People are waking up and becoming more and more aware that the current system in which we live in is not supportive of us as a whole and only really looking after a small elite group of people that is doing all that it can to keep the system the way it is.

The money system as we know it allows us to do anything we want in the name of profit – the only value this system can see is the value of money, and when needed, bending corners is as legitimate as needed, as long as you pay off all your potential objectors and create a big enough coalition of supporters – by supporters I mean more people/organizations with an interest in your project – in other words more people that are getting a cut of the profit…

Just less than a month ago, thousands of people all around the country were out on the streets, living in tents, to protest about the unbearable situation in Israel, where the elite in Israel is taking advantage of the system at the expense of all of us “little people”, and the government is allowing it because, you know how it is, “I scratch your back you scratch mine” sort of thing. A side note: Israel is a very small country, there are only that many backs to scratch, only that many beds to sleep your way to the top… so it’s a small community taking care of each other’s interests…  cool for them – not so cool for the rest of us…

Back to the original point I am bringing up today – not a month has passed since the biggest social protest Israel has ever seen, and already we are being overlooked and disregarded… there are plans to create a big and privatized hotel and resort on one of the last virgin beaches left in Israel, the beach of Nachsholim. This piece of nature and all the life in it will not endure the abuse and violation of 1500 hotel units planed to be built on this beautiful beach, taking into accounts many more visitors, lots more garbage, pollution, sewerage, electricity.. and more and more… and for what? for the profit of a few at the expense and compromise of many…

So some people are standing up to stop this, standing up in the name of nature to prevent from another project that it’s damages are irreversible and benefits will only be seen by a few.

We can fight each project one by one, but for every project we stop several others are being built, soon it will be winter – Who will live in a tent when it rains? It is a fight of endurance and we are losing our strength… We must find another way to stop this from repeating itself time and time again. We must stop the abuse of nature in the name of profit – We have to fix the mess we have created in this world.

An equal money system is the only long term solution, changing the money system so that by definition it is structured in a way that it supports all of us equally, taking the power away from those that within the current system get to play as they please, disregarding all and any life around them.

An equal money system will give the power back to life – for the system will be based on the value of life and not the value of money.

The more people become aware of the solution of the equal money, the faster we are able to create it into reality – you must realize – nothing like this has ever excited before – in the last 200 years, since capitalism was manifested, the only motivation has been power and greed, and looking further back it has always been the same – power and greed have been directing us instead of equality being the directive principle. Looking at the condition of the world it is apparent that no good has come out of it – it is time to change the system from its core. To create a world that our children will be safe and secure in, and will not need to worry about the polluted air they breathe. Lets create a world that no matter where you come from you have access to clean water, fresh air and a beautiful piece of nature to enjoy – is that an extreme goal to want?…

How much more shit are we willing to accept until we realize that all life deserves to live with dignity, all life is equally here and deserves an equal share of resources. We are able to come together and create a real and physical heaven on this very earth that we all share, while breathing this air that we all share, and drinking this water that we all share.

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:

There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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