Desperation leads to self burning – what can we do about it?

Last night a man burned himself in Israel due to major financial hardship that has not only been over-looked and ignored by government policy but has also been increased by it. The government policy is making things harder and more complicated, instead of being there as a support system to help those in need to get back on their feet.

Shouldn’t the government policy be made up in a way that supports us, the citizens, and gives us security that we are being cared for, I mean, why else have we created organized groups as countries and within them a system of a government to manage everything? We will soon have to ask ourselves if we want a government to function as a platform for people that are interested in power and greed will have control over us or would we like a government that is focused on supporting us, helping us to create a nice, pleasant and secure life experience, not pushing us down when we are weak but rather help us up?

He is not the first man to burn himself alive to express his despair of the abusive system we are all trapped within. Some people have done so from pure ideology and others from personal desperation, but their voice is all the same – “What is going on is unacceptable – something must change – this must be stopped!!”

So, let’s have a look at what is unacceptable, who is responsible and what is there to do about it.

As far as I see it, it all comes down to the basic right for a dignified life for all – All living beings have a basic/natural right to live with dignity, to live a fear less life, to have shelter, food, water, education, and to have the security that one’s children and loved ones will be protected, taken care of and have a dignified life as well.

What does it mean that it is a basic right?

Well, it means that it is given unconditionally – I do not have to do anything special to receive what is my basic right. It’s what we all deserve just for being alive.

Looking at the world today, we unfortunately see that this basic right is far from being met, we all have to work very hard to “make a living” as if we are not alive and only through working we earn our legitimacy to live.

It is unacceptable that people are thrown out from their homes in the name of profit and greed, it is unacceptable that profit and greed are the directive principle of our experience in every aspect of our lives – the reason for our reality looking as it does is because we have all agreed and accepted this system as a given, we are all participating within/as it and thus we are all equally responsible – which is a cool thing to know – because the meaning of it is that we are all equally responsible and equally able to stand and to change the situation.

So, what do we do about it?

We can start by make a list of all the atrocities we see going on “out there” in the world and start by looking within ourselves in self-honesty, and allowing ourselves to see where do we participate in these constructs. Constructs such as greed, manipulation, abuse, deceit, corruption, exploitation… after we have seen our participation we then have an opportunity to forgive ourselves within making a self-commitment to change, and to continue until we can trust ourselves to not be directed by our self-interest and desires but to stand for support of all life as one and equal.

I’ve realized that our reality is the sum-consequences of all our participation, thus by changing ourselves we change our reality, one step at a time. And once we support ourselves within the humbleness of self-honesty we can support those around us by to see themselves by being a living example of self-honesty, living what is best for all life within oneness and equality.

I have also realized that our reality is a reflection of ourselves and vice versa thus we must work to change our reality from within and from without – hence changing the money system as the system in place that effects/controls/directs all our life in every aspect of it.

This is why we, desteni, call for an equal money system that will change the value system on which the economy exist within/upon.

In the current money system, the highest value is of profit, causing abuse towards life, just like the situations of people losing their home because their don’t have any money while homes exist and are empty, or factories employing workers to work as slave for the ‘right’ to earn their survival while the company makes a profit on each worker’s head/life.

Instead we suggest a system that values LIFE – the system will be based on the highest value being that of LIFE – this would mean that, within the system, we will target our basic needs and provide them to all equally and unconditionally – the only condition to receive a dignified life would be being alive – that’s it.

Within changing the value system we live by, we change everything. Many jobs will not exist as they do today because they exist only for the sake of profit, jobs will not need to be invented for the purpose of “creating jobs” just for people to “make a living” thus there will be much more free man power available for the actual functions needed to provide us all a better life experience. It’s absurd because at the same time we are creating jobs we are building machines to take over jobs in the name of cutting expenses to create more profit, thus creating unemployment to then have to create more useless jobs and so on and so forth….

In a new system that values life and is based on equality, we can use machines to improve performances and free humans from doing a ‘machines job’, allowing humans to do the work that machine cannot do, like think of ways to build more machines that are practical and effective and can improve our experience on this earth, or focus on education or caring for the elders or animals… there are so many things to do that actually support life and are enjoyable…


Once all people have their basic right actually met, think about all the progress we would make within humanity just by all these people not having to struggle for survival and are free to help out with finding practical solutions or participating in research and so on.

At the moment half the man power in the world is starving for food, is in survival mode and is treated like a function, an object, that it’s only purpose is to create more profit to the wealthy by consumerism or labor. In a system that dignifies life – all these people will become equal participants in our world and will be able to contribute their creativity and self-expression to the totality of humanity and existence.

There is so much to do, but the fact is that we must start with each and every one of us, we must be able to stand as self-trust, to prove to ourselves that we will not fall back to greed and desires, and to work on creating a system that is able to cross reference to ensure that the goal of equal life is protected and supported in all ways.

Research the equal money system and join us for discussion on the forum, to help us build/create the system to be as effective as can be

for more perspectives on this point visit this blog as well


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1 Response to Desperation leads to self burning – what can we do about it?

  1. Maya says:

    Thanks for exposing the truth of what we accept and allow ans humanity. Till here no further, we have got to stand up together and through a direct democracy change the world system to a system that support all LIVES equally.

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