2012 – What is there waiting for us after death?

What is there waiting for us after death?

When we are children and someone we love dies, we are told there is a heaven, a nice place people go to when they die – children are told this story because it is comforting to believe such an idea, both for the child and the adult (probably more for the adult). I mean, it’s obvious that no one really knows what goes on after death, especially those that speak about heaven, because if they knew it for a fact, they would not be afraid of death – if I know for a fact that there is a heaven I wouldn’t fear death on the contrary I would want to go there as fast as possible…  yet, we see that most of the world is running to kill themselves so most of them must know for themselves, deep down, that they are lying to themselves about heaven.

I see around me people talk about death from such a fearful perspective. My grandfather passed away last year after a good friend of his passed away, and last week my grandfather’s brother died. I’ve heard my family talking about how all three of them will meet and take care of each other ‘up there’… It’s like we are all children feeding ourselves with ideas and make belief stories to feel better and forget how afraid we are…

We are consciously lying to ourselves, so we don’t face our fear of death…

And what is this fear of death if not a distraction from the fact that we are in fact alive… we are distracting ourselves from living by fearing not living – what a fuck up!!! Why are we distracting ourselves from living instead of giving ourselves the gift of life and allowing ourselves to live here as breath in every moment? Why are we sabotaging ourselves from our lives?…

We fear death because we fear not living, we fear the un-known, but the irony is that now that we are alive we are obsessed with the fear of death, lying to ourselves with stories, distracting ourselves further more from what is here, as life…

As long as we are alive we have a responsibility to ourselves to live, to actually live, to not focus our attention on what is not relevant, what is not real… as long as we allow ourselves to distract ourselves with the fear of death we are living out that which we fear most…

It is like a loop, by fearing death we are manifesting ourselves as death by not allowing ourselves to live, so we are in fact creating what we fear…

Fear of death is a mind trap, programmed to keep us trapped in the loop of the mind as fear. In order to suppress this fear we tell ourselves comforting stories… instead of facing the real issue which is the fact that we are not allowing ourselves to live, the fact that we are killing ourselves off by believing our minds, missing the whole point of life – to realize ourselves as life – to realize ourselves as one and equal to and as everything/everyone in and as existence

As long as we don’t allow ourselves to face our fear of death and “look it in the eye” by telling ourselves stories about heaven and the afterlife and reincarnation… (Whether any of it is real or not I am not capable of knowing… the point is that any idea/belief is irrelevant…) we are not allowing ourselves to live, we are suppressing ourselves as life, and within that we are suppressing all life as ourselves – thus, we are the abuser of life, we are the murderer of life, we are the suppresser of life – as long as we don’t stop ourselves.

for further perspective please check out the following interview: Portal expanded interdimensionally



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