2011 – Passive Income – The capitalistic dream

passive income – the capitalistic dream

why do we want passive income? Because we don’t want to fear survival, we don’t want to be enslaved to our job, we want to be able to be free to do as we please and not have to worry about money.

how can we create a passive income? By leveraging our money – so we can see that the dream of having passive income can only be done through money – money creates more money – but what about those that don’t have any? Are they not worthy to live the dream?

Another way to make a passive income is to understand the banking system and know to manipulate it, for loans and such, but still to get loans you must have a stable income or money put aside.

So you need money to invest it, you need money to leverage it and you need money to get a loan – again the capitalistic system is showing us that it is supporting the have’s and abusing the have not’s.

let’s use and example – I want to have a house so I can rent it out and make a passive income on it, but that would mean that the people that are renting the house from me have to pay, they need to work harder to cover their rent – so I am achieving my dream of having passive money at the expense of people that have to work very hard to pay me this money.

Why can’t we all live the dream, why can’t we all have a passive income that supports us and eliminates the fear of survival, an income that allows us to explore ourselves and our expression so we can work/create/research/build/fix what we want and find interest and enjoyment in doing?

So, who said we can’t? in the current capitalistic system that is based on polarity, we can’t all live the dream, but we are not enslaved to the system, we can change it and find a creative solution that will work for the benefit of us all, so we can all exist within the security, enjoyment and fulfillment we all wish for, hope for and dream about.

There is a solution – the Equal Money system (EMS) – and the first step would be to implement the BIG (Basic Income Grant) which provides a basic income to all people to stop the enslavement we have towards money, to stop the fear and survival mode we are in, to allow us to expand.

Equal Money System – passive income for all so that we can all have the dream come true

Let’s stop living based in fear and survival, and create heaven on earth.

Join us

to find out more – there are many articles/recordings/blogs/perspectives at the desteni forum and website – http://www.desteni.co.za

and at EQAFE store you will find a selected material for an easy and accessible way to research all the information.

at the EQAFE store you will find recordings about process support, equality, sex, relationships, Equal Money System, music, book, and much much more

also for those looking for some information in hebrew, you can find recordings about the EMS here

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