2012 – The consumerism of prophecies and prediction

I’ve recently noticed an interesting similarity between how consumerism works within the current capitalistic money system and how gurus work towards their followers.

In consumerism it is common knowledge that products are designed to break after a short time so the costumer would have to go out and purchase another product repeatedly, the costumer is made to be dependent on the manufacturer for a new product every few years/months, time and time again. The market place works in such a way based on the starting point of making the highest profit possible and within the calculation of profit comes in the frequency of perchance. This starting point is imbedded in each product we see on the shelves – it is a strategy that the consumerism system uses to make sure that we as consumers will keep buying and buying and buying…

The same principle applies with gurus – they create a platform of which their followers will be dependent on them, and return time and time again to hear what they have to say, or even just to be close to them, some followers are inspired by them from within a belief that by hearing the guru and being close to them, the enlightenment will rub off and they too will experience some grace/silent/enlightenment/peace of mind…

Many Gurus tell their followers that they are perfect just as they are and in fact divine, they tell them to focus on positive thoughts and push away all the negativity while giving them hope that everything will turn for the better – this way they trap them in a “feel good idea”, this way the followers become addicted to the guru’s words as the solution for their problems. As the guru share prophecies and future prediction, their followers become further trapped in the idea that “just around the corner” they will find salvation…

This is how it is with the 2012 prophecies, many gurus and spiritual groups have created an idea about this particular date, and by keeping it in the near and visible future, their followers are trapped to believe that it is worth practicing their work because they will be saved/enlightened in just a few years/months…  and now, as the date is coming closer, and the gurus don’t want to lose their followers once they find out it was all a make believe scam – they keep them trapped by changing the date and postponing the day of salvation. While doing so they keep preaching to their followers, and basically stripping them out of their ability to self direct and self trust by speaking about how good they are and how good they will feel instead of letting them see who they are for themselves.

All of this is done from a starting point of profit, they profit from the prophecy…

For the gurus to sustain themselves in this world, they need, as the rest of us, money to survive, and they have found a deceiving and harmful way to do so, just as any manufacturer in this capitalistic world. The only principle they follow is that of their personal/individual profit, while disregarding the benefit of their followers, not to mention the rest of existence as a whole.

A responsible manufacturer would create the best product possible with the best materials and would even add to the product some instructions for how to fix common problems as they come up. a responsible manufacturer would not want their costumer to return for more shitty products time and time again, they would take respect in their work and would create the best product possible that lasts the longest, with the smallest eco footprint possible and so on… their product would be practical and useful and would apply the principle of what is best for all life, it would not be wasteful or harmful, it would not use cheap and abusive man labor. A responsible manufacturer would respect themselves and all life as themselves.

Just as a responsible manufacturer, A responsible Guru should do the same – give you the tools to realize that you don’t really need anyone besides yourself to self realize, they would give you the tools to realize you are actually equal to the them, they would give you the tools to build your self trust so you can stand and direct yourself to no longer be dependent on them as a guru but be able to support yourself and each other and everyone around you as equals.

The 2012 prophecies are basically a money making machine, an industry of gurus and followers who believe they will be saved by something separate than themselves while preaching for oneness.

Look for the inconsistencies in their stories – you will find them. Look for inner conflict in what they say – you will find it, look for justifications for the atrocities of the world – it’s all there. It’s all based on keeping you trapped in believing you are doing something good and nice while actually not doing a thing besides trapping you in your mind, and all for what? For their own self interest.

Watch out – build critical thinking – don’t believe only that which feels nice and good – realize this world is fucked up but can be changed – realize you must first allow yourself to see how fucked up you are and start changing yourself – it won’t be all pink and rosy, but it must be done.

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