2011 – Who will provide funeral services in EMS ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system the focus of everything within the system will be shifted from the value of money as individual profit within the polarity of loss/gain, to the value of life as the benefit of all as equals within the principle of what is best for all.

Within an equal money system there will be no more slaves to do our dirty work since we will all have our needs met as a basic standard of life, so no one can be used and manipulated through money to do something they don’t want to do, no one can be controlled through the power of money – Thus, to maintain ourselves within the practicality of what needs to be done – we will all have to share the responsibility equally and come up with creative solutions to make our experience more affective and pleasant, as we support ourselves and all living beings within this physical reality which we all share together.

Let’s take a look at the funeral industry – in the current system, the funeral business is one of the most “brilliant” business structures due to it being so reliable, based on the fact the people will never stop dying, and thus the business will always have new customers. Another point within this is that most probably, the people doing all the digging and the “dirty work” within the funeral service, are probably doing it solely for the money/survival and not because it is their choice of a dream job.

In an equal money system the whole structure and starting point of the ‘death business’ will have to change – it will be re-assets and re-formed to be aligned with the principle of equality as what is best for all. In other words, the funeral service will cease to be a money making business.

Obviously people will still die, and will need proper disposal of their bodies, so some form of funeral will still take place in an Equal money system.

How will it work?

I will share here some options that i thought of, but obviously there are many more practical solutions that I haven’t thought of – when we put our heads together there is no limit to our creativity within finding the solution that is best for all.

One idea is firstly find out if anybody would like to do this job – maybe some people would find that taking care of the dead is something they chose to do, not from fear of survival but from a preference, in that case, taking care of the funeral service would be their contribution to the community.

In case of a situation where nobody want to take over such a job, there could be a rotation between everybody, for all the jobs that have to be done and nobody wants to do, such as funeral service, so in this case everybody shares the responsibility and ends up doing it very rarely.

Another option is that a machine is invented and it “takes care” of the deceased.

Another idea could be cremation, or throwing the body to the ocean to be eaten by the sharks, returning to nature as food…

The point is that within the principle of what is best for all a solution will be found, within the principle of equality all jobs that are in fact a modern form of slavery – WILL END!!!


If we all join together we can make this place into heaven on earth for ALL as ONE as EQUALS.

Once we start walking in the direction of equality, once we walk as the principle – then finding the specific roads to walk on becomes easy – Then solutions will be found to solve all points – and all that will be left for us to do is enjoy ourselves as life.

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:


There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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2 Responses to 2011 – Who will provide funeral services in EMS ? Equal Money System – FAQ

  1. Another option is to donate your dead body to be processed into dog food – practical and an effective way of recycling. Then we still have dog poop to consider – who is to clean up that 🙂

    • mayarote says:

      thanks Ingrid – ya, being made into food for dogs or sharks or any animal is a very simple/practical/ecological idea. though people really resist this idea and still don’t see the common sense within it…lol…

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