2011 – What will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system – what will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ?

Warren Buffett has been documented as the wealthiest person in the world in 2008, and the third wealthiest in 2011, with a net value of 64B$ (give or take a few bucks).

Can you even grasp that? 64 billion dollars is 64,000,000,000$ – it’s one thousand times 64 million… if you want to take a look at what a billion dollars or a trillion dollars look like check out this link: http://www.pagetutor.com/trillion/index.html.

How much money does one person/family need?

So, I ask myself, what motivates a man to earn so much money, and to continue and continue… is it control / power / survival / success / addiction? What is it?

Warren Buffett along with Bill Gates are both considered to be two of the biggest philanthropists on earth, they have created charities and donated large amounts of money.  The statement of their charity work is to end poverty, to help with education and so on – sounds good – let’s have a deeper look…

In the current money system, one could not have made so much money without using and abusing, manipulating and deceiving. One must know to “work the system”, one must take advantage of “human nature” as a way to manipulate the money balance within investments / stocks / insurance / sales / marketing and so on… looking within self honesty one sees that within this current economic system this cannot be done with a “clean conscience”, one has to “play dirty” at times if not most/all the time…

In the current money system as we live in today, the highest value is the value of money/profit, and anything is valid within the flexible radios of the law – so for instance, when Microsoft sells a program, it is intentionally not within their highest standards because they want to make money as they sell more and newer upgrades/editions – they are doing so within the principle of deception, they are not doing what is best for all, no. they are giving us a lesser product so we will buy the upgrades in little pieces instead of giving us the best possible product they can deliver.  All in the name of maximizing their profits. (Microsoft is just an example, the same deception as profit based agenda is the same in most if not all money making companies that haven’t made a directed decision to value the principle of life as what is best for all and not the principle of profit).

The funny thing in people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, is that they became rich through manipulating the people, the same people that they are now giving they money to as charity. Within doing so they are considered to be “good” people/giving/appreciated by society and themselves, when all along they, as taking part in the system, have been a big part of the reason for why poverty exist in the first place.

In an equal money system the rules of game will change – the directing principle will not be based on the value of profit but rather on the value of life – all life will be considered to determine if an action is worth taking. Manipulating the system for profit when all life pay the price will be un acceptable within the equal money system.

So, what will happen to the billionaire’s money? They will have to give up their power, they will have to equalize themselves to the rest of us, they will have to let go the desire to control so much of our world through the power of money, they will have to give up the desire to be philanthropic because no one will need their charity anymore because all will be taken care of within the system.

In an equal money system, once it is stable, the predictions are that all will have a life style of millionaires, so for all to live equally as millionaires the billionaires of this current system will have to step down and join us.

We must change our way of thought when looking at an equal money system, some of you may think, as I have before, that it isn’t fair/right to make the richest of the rich take a step down, they have worked hard for their money, they earned it – and other may think that they are to blame for creating this situation in the first place – we mustn’t forget that  we all created this situation together equally, we are all responsible and thus no one is to be blamed but all must take self responsibility.

Thus, it isn’t to punish them for their evil actions, no, it is to stop the abuse, to stop the manipulation, to stop the deception and work together to create the best reality possible for all as equals.

We can all live in a heaven on earth if we all agree to adjust ourselves and align ourselves according to the principle of what is best for all – from the realization that when what is best for all is applied – it is in fact the application of what is best for self.

For all to be millionaires some will have to give up being billionaires – I support this change – what about you?

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