2011 – Money as Motivation – the Desteni Mega Store

I am walking this process of self realization within self honesty and as such, experiencing many ups and downs, I am yet to walk within stability and consistency – but am walking none the less.

I am still not yet stable within the point of self motivation and I have seen this now through the opening of the desteni mega store – I am experiencing myself excited about the launch of the desteni store, excited about the products and about the basic concept of the store as a way to provide an income to both the equal life foundation and the creators/sellers of the products. Another way to support the group as a whole and the individuals that create it.

Within this excitement I have noticed my eagerness to get started with my store, I have bought some products so I can now sell them online, and have placed some links in my blogs.

What I see within this is the obvious – that I am still motivated by money, pushing myself because of an external stimulation as the possible commission of making a sale – but the fascinating point within this, is the genius of the mega store concept: even though I am motivated by money, I am still supporting the group’s effort within the principle of what is best for all as one and equal.

So, within seeing this, I have an opportunity to set myself free from the motivation of money and find the point of self motivation that I have been hiding from myself as not taking self responsibility and relying on external triggers as motivation/excuses… this will take some time….

But while I take the time to sort myself out – the “who I am” at the moment, as being directed and motivated by money – is still supporting the collective destonian goal as bringing forth an equal money system as support for all as one, and to free ourselves from the mind possession we all exist in.

This is the core of using the system, as what is here, to change the system – the greed and ‘money based motivation’ is still a construct within myself that I have not yet directed within applying self forgiveness on the point, it is what I have allowed myself to be and become equal and one to – until I stop, forgive myself, correct myself and change. This is the process of self, and it will take time.

This is an example of how a new and supportive system such as the equal money system would work – it would be brilliantly created in such a way that as long as we are still walking our process, as long as we are still motivated by money and greed, the system will “use” our addictions to the benefit of the whole – and thus use what is here to change what is here, slowly but surely – one breath at a time.

Obviously this isn’t about giving myself excuses and justification for the greed I have allowed myself to exist as and for allowing myself to be motivated by money instead of being self motivated, no. it is simply a realization of the process I have ahead of me, and within that an observation that even the constructs that I judge as ‘bad’, can be used as support for the benefit of all.

As I see it – the equal money will be built/created within phases, each phase will address the ‘place’ we are at as a collective and will adjust/change with us, as we as humanity change – at first the system would be based on external stimulation to create motivation, and then, in time, as we change due to eliminating the value of money, eliminating the “living for survival”, as we change the education system to actually support us as life, as we proceed in our walking the process of self honesty, as we perfect ourselves and align ourselves to the principle of oneness and equality as what is best for all – the system we exist as, the system we will have created to support us will change with us.

All we have to use is what is here, as we change ourselves we must use all that is here as leverage to support ourselves and all as ourselves, until we stand as life and support ourselves unconditionally in every breath.

An interview about the Basic Income Grant – BIG – as a step on the way to an Equal Money System – EMS

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:


There is a great book that just recently came out and it’s for sale now on the desteni Equal Life Store, the book is a collections of FAQ about the equal money system, giving a deeper and wider understanding about what the equal money system is all about – very recommended for all!!!

you can find the book here, allong with many other product in many topics, such as: music, process support, sexuality, family&friends, and more and more and more…


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1 Response to 2011 – Money as Motivation – the Desteni Mega Store

  1. Maya says:

    Cool Realization Maya.
    Yes, the principle that must be established and walk is ‘Give what you would like to Receive’ – so that when one give, the starting point is self and not some external motivation like Money.
    Thanks for sharing

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