2011 – Gymnastics and Equal Money

When I was a child I was a gymnast, I went to a gymnastics class twice a week, and I loved it. There were two levels of my enjoyment – the one was the physical activity, pushing the bodies limits, doing amazing things such as cartwheels, handstands, flips and other cool stuff… the other level of enjoyment had to do with competition, enjoying being good at something, and specifically being better than others – and in the same breath – knowing i am worse than others and that would be where the part I didn’t enjoy came in…

I remember the teachers really pushing us to do our best, to push through our fears, to jump fully, to run fully, to do it completely. the physical part was quite cool.

Yesterday my mom sent me a clip of a skinny Chinese gymnast doing amazing acrobatics. under the link she wrote something about how amazing the human body is…

I looked at this skinny, over flexed, acrobatics and instead of seeing the wonder my mom saw – all I could see was child abuse.

I don’t know the story of this particular girl, but I’ve seen some documentary movies about the training gymnasts go through as children, and it’s child abuse to say the least. They are creating gold medalists, perform artists, money makers…

When I was growing up I wasn’t into competing even though my teachers wanted me to go for it, they said I had a strong body and could be good at it if I directed myself towards it – I didn’t want to do it because of a combination of stage fright, low self esteem and laziness. I was given a choice by my parents/teachers and they didn’t force me to be a competitive gymnast. [As I write the words “I was given a choice” I partly take it back, because I was limited by the mind set I was in, in my case I wasn’t free to choose to go for it and do it, i have created a self inflicted limitation.]

These girls and boys from the gymnasts documentary have to be the best they can be and then some, you see their poor faces, not enjoying themselves, not enjoying their bodies, pushing their bodies beyond their natural boundaries, disregarding the bodies physical limitations, disregarding themselves – and for what? Why do these adults abuse these children? Are they evil?  Or irresponsible?…

No, well, yes and no… yes – because they are in fact abusing these children, No – because they are simply living by and as the system we all accept and live as, they are a reflection of all of us – so they are evil – yes, but no more than any of us…

The starting point of their actions is survival through making money through these children becoming professionals, we are all forced to look out for our survival because the system we live as is constructed in such a way that if you don’t look out for your self – no one else will. It’s a man eat man world – that’s how we have accepted ourselves to live as.

Imagine a world where all children have the right and opportunity to learn all the cool activities of gymnastics, but they are not forced to perform at a certain standard because nobody will make a profit out of it, a world where they can simply enjoy themselves as they explore their physical bodies and see what it can do.

Imagine a world where we do not need to fight for our survival in everything we do, where we can simply enjoy ourselves and what we chose to do, because we like doing it – not because it will make us more or less money

Imagine a world where all people are respected and treated simply as fellow people, before they are seen and treated as employees/consumers/workers/slaves/products.

Imagine a world that all the economic rules are different and allow such a “fantasy” to exist. can you even imagine it or do you truly believe that the way we live now is the only way to live?

I say no – and anybody that believes that this is the only way is simply accepting/supporting the abuse to continue – how can we continue to allow child abuse to continue in the name of entertainment and profit?

I just had a talk with a friend and he believes that there is nothing to be done, the world is the way it is with all the abuse/neglect/corruption and that’s just the way it is – all we can do is stick our head in the sand and be grateful we were born on the “right” side of the track … this friend wanted me to give him an explanation as to why all people should be treated equally. I was at a loss for words – how can I explain that which I find to be so basic?

All I know is that all children deserve an equal right for education, health care, nutrition, shelter, play time, support… and aren’t we all children that have grown up? When does it happen that we stop being children and no longer deserve these equal rights? When is it ok to abuse/kill/suppress/manipulate/use each other, for anything such as: profit/power/wealth/spite?…. when do we stop being children?

Children abuse as gymnastics will stop in an equal money system; so much of the abuse we accept and allow to exist will naturally stop in an equal money system.

Some believe our economy to have a life of it’s own, but actually we each give it it’s power through our acceptance and participation with it.

We must realize that it’s up to us to unite and come up with an alternative to the abusive system we are existing as today, we must stand together and support each other as ourselves as we change ourselves to be trust worthy in a new system.

This can be done – if we chose to get off our asses and do it.

If you are one vote for equality, if you are a vote for stopping the abuse, if you are a vote for stopping the state of survival we all live and actually start living as life itself…

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