2011 – nature versus profit – who will we allow to win?

Will nature always be second best?

There have been lots of social protests in Israel in the past few months, and all around the world as well. People are waking up and becoming more and more aware that the current system in which we live in is not supportive of us as a whole and only really looking after a small elite group of people that is doing all that it can to keep the system the way it is.

The money system as we know it allows us to do anything we want in the name of profit – the only value this system can see is the value of money, and when needed, bending corners is as legitimate as needed, as long as you pay off all your potential objectors and create a big enough coalition of supporters – by supporters I mean more people/organizations with an interest in your project – in other words more people that are getting a cut of the profit…

Just less than a month ago, thousands of people all around the country were out on the streets, living in tents, to protest about the unbearable situation in Israel, where the elite in Israel is taking advantage of the system at the expense of all of us “little people”, and the government is allowing it because, you know how it is, “I scratch your back you scratch mine” sort of thing. A side note: Israel is a very small country, there are only that many backs to scratch, only that many beds to sleep your way to the top… so it’s a small community taking care of each other’s interests…  cool for them – not so cool for the rest of us…

Back to the original point I am bringing up today – not a month has passed since the biggest social protest Israel has ever seen, and already we are being overlooked and disregarded… there are plans to create a big and privatized hotel and resort on one of the last virgin beaches left in Israel, the beach of Nachsholim. This piece of nature and all the life in it will not endure the abuse and violation of 1500 hotel units planed to be built on this beautiful beach, taking into accounts many more visitors, lots more garbage, pollution, sewerage, electricity.. and more and more… and for what? for the profit of a few at the expense and compromise of many…

So some people are standing up to stop this, standing up in the name of nature to prevent from another project that it’s damages are irreversible and benefits will only be seen by a few.

We can fight each project one by one, but for every project we stop several others are being built, soon it will be winter – Who will live in a tent when it rains? It is a fight of endurance and we are losing our strength… We must find another way to stop this from repeating itself time and time again. We must stop the abuse of nature in the name of profit – We have to fix the mess we have created in this world.

An equal money system is the only long term solution, changing the money system so that by definition it is structured in a way that it supports all of us equally, taking the power away from those that within the current system get to play as they please, disregarding all and any life around them.

An equal money system will give the power back to life – for the system will be based on the value of life and not the value of money.

The more people become aware of the solution of the equal money, the faster we are able to create it into reality – you must realize – nothing like this has ever excited before – in the last 200 years, since capitalism was manifested, the only motivation has been power and greed, and looking further back it has always been the same – power and greed have been directing us instead of equality being the directive principle. Looking at the condition of the world it is apparent that no good has come out of it – it is time to change the system from its core. To create a world that our children will be safe and secure in, and will not need to worry about the polluted air they breathe. Lets create a world that no matter where you come from you have access to clean water, fresh air and a beautiful piece of nature to enjoy – is that an extreme goal to want?…

How much more shit are we willing to accept until we realize that all life deserves to live with dignity, all life is equally here and deserves an equal share of resources. We are able to come together and create a real and physical heaven on this very earth that we all share, while breathing this air that we all share, and drinking this water that we all share.

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