2011 – Desteni “I” Process – Birth yourself as life

The “desteni I process” is a multiyear internationalonline course and support system. The information of the course is based on research done by a group of individuals from south Africa, where the desteni farm is located and participants are welcome to visit for a few weeks to further explore the practical application of the course material.

The course follows and directs towards the basic principle of oneness and equality, the participants are shown through lectures and articles the common sense within this principle, the first year of course is dedicated to understanding the principle of equality and oneness through self exploration using the tools provided by desteni.

The tools used to self explore and begin realizing self as one and equal to all and everything are as follows: self honesty, self forgiveness, self responsibility, practicable application and breath – all done with the support of self writing self to freedom.

Through applying these tools, the emphasis being on application not on acquiring knowledge, one starts the “desteni I process” and begins to reveal oneself to self, peeling off the deceptive shells of persona, ego, culture… within walking this process, through writing and sharing with the other participants walking the process, one sees how similar we all actually are, we are all faced with the same inner demons, we all share the same fears, we all judge ourselves and others… this seeing of how similar we all are is another point of allowing ourselves to face ourselves as equals.

Each working on self, taking the most personal points, looking within self honesty, it is clear to see we are all equal, we all function the same.

working on self realization, taking everything back to self to see self’s participation in any and all situations, taking self responsibility, using blame and judgment as a mirror to reflect back at self and not to justify and hide behind the projection made by the mind – Any judgment we have towards one another is a projection of our own judgment towards ourselves – our judgment is a reflection of ourselves and pointing always back to self.

The detseni I process is a process of allowing one to realize who we have allowed ourselves to become within taking full self responsibility which empowers us to change ourselves as we have created ourselves.


It takes guts to live self honesty – to be self honest with self. Because we have for all of our lives adapted and conditioned ourselves to the norm of ‘how I should be’, adapted and conditioned ourselves according to those that have gone before us – we haven’t actually ‘lived who we are’ – we lived according to that which was already laid out before us. ‘Fitting into’ a world, a society, a culture which accordingly shape ‘ourselves’ – instead of living as the world as ourselves, one and equal here in self expression.

So, it’s always been a ‘fitting into’ and not a HERE in SELF EXPRESSION.

And self honesty goes ‘against’ all conditionings, adaptations, acceptances, norms, fittings within and as you and your world – because self honesty is directed towards SELF – not to others within your world, within this world, not to society, not to culture = only SELF.  (Jack – The Courage to live Self-Honestly)


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