2011 – heaven on earth

It’s interesting that the word heaven has been a very popular word in my blog search engine.

Everybody is searching the web, looking for heaven…

Where is heaven to be found? does it exist and waiting to be found? or does it need to be created? is it something that needs to be found “out there” or is heaven only an inner experience that one will get to through meditating in silence while the rest of the word is as fucked up as it is???

Let me suggest the following idea – no, heaven does not need to be found, it needs to be created by us and it will only really be heaven when it is both our inner experience and the experience of the physical world around us.

How i suggest we create heaven on earth? Through stopping our participation with all that is “not of heaven” – in other words, anything that doesn’t resonate with heaven we must stop our participation with and start living ourselves as heaven both within and without,  slowly but surly through a process of accumulation, building ourselves layer by layer in alignment to that which i heavenly.

So now the question would be, what is heavenly? how do we live ourselves as heaven, since we have never done so before. First we must come to realize what it means – what does “heaven on earth” mean? from my perspective heaven is the manifestation of equality and oneness:

Within – on a individual level  – as in stopping our participation with and as the mind, through the realization that our acceptance of ourselves as our minds is the source of all separation, inner conflict and suffering. through our stopping we return to breath, here, to the physical to becoming one with our bodies, one with the earth.

Without – on a community level – Equality, Equality, Equality. the only way to bring about heaven on earth is to make sure all are taken care for equally, all have real equal opportunity to explore reality, to learn, to express, to live – birthing ourselves as the words of “love thy neighbor” into reality as a living expression …

At the moment it almost seams impossible and many have created excuses and justifications to why equality can never hold – but it is all based on fear, fear created by the mind, that same mind that we must stop our participation with – and thus we see how it is in fact all one, all connected, all one process, within and without.

We cannot change anything “out there” without first allowing ourselves to change, we must first allow ourselves to face ourselves in our nakedness, to peel our masks layer after layer to expose ourselves completely, to stand naked in the eyes of our creator – ourselves – and to within humbleness allow ourselves, for the first time, to take responsibility for ourselves as our creation and see  who we have created ourselves to be.

You know the sane: “The way to hell is paved with good intentions”.  well, what about: “To get to heaven, allow yourselves to go through hell”

This isn’t the easy road, and it’s a road that has never been walked on. We each get to pave our own road as we walk it, step by step, breath by breath. We each walk alone – as we are all one – walking alone as all as one. birthing ourselves as life from the physical, to become one and equal, to create heaven on earth once and for all, and for all equally.


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