2011 – fighting for money

The doctors are protesting, so are the nurses, the social workers, and now many students are living in tents to protest about the high accommodation rates that has become extreme in Israel.

Everybody is fighting for money, protesting for more money, but in essence protesting to survive, to have a dignified life. Protesting against the growing gap between the rich and the poor, protesting against being underpaid, overworked and under appreciated…

The health system in Israel has been deteriorating in the past 10 years, in a process that seems as an intentional act by the government to, when it finally collapses, to implement a privatized health care – the rationalization of it is the knowing that the rich will have to protect themselves within a privatized health care system, thus, once the public system collapses – those that have the ability will take care of themselves, creating once again a growing gap, in which one country will have two health care systems based on economic status. during this process of privatizing the rich will get richer, due to the government closing a deal with one of their “back scratching friends” and the poor will be left behind, living in a modern and advanced country but in reach of an old and unsatisfying health care system.

The apartment prices (buying and renting) have been sky rocketing… there have been tax breaks for the rich while the poor and even the middle class cannot afford their first home – years ago Israel was proud to have a large percentage of home owners, now students cannot afford to rent, and doctors cannot afford to buy.

This mess is all about the greedy capitalistic system, where it is legitimate to do anything while guided by the one and only principle of making a profit – no value is cherished beside the value of profit. one can ask one’s self who is profiting from it all? Well, the answer is simple – those that have power and thus have the ability to scratch a back or two are the ones that their interest are being taken care of, they are the ones being considered, they are the ones making a profit.

It is all a friendly game of mutual back scratching, but not everybody gets to play.

This is how within the capitalistic system, no one is considered, life isn’t valued, the only value is that of profit – it isn’t profitable to invest in a good health care system, just giving health care for free… if no one can cash it in you can count on it that it won’t happen. It isn’t profitable to lower apartment prices or give tax brakes, It isn’t directly profitable to invest in a good public education system… public transportation… anything that is targeted for the public appears to not be profitable because no specific individual is cashing in on it – but in fact we all would be profiting from it – when finding practical solutions that serve all of us, that create a better living standard for the whole, then we all profit from it equally, not by having more money in the bank account, but rather by simply having a better, care free, dignified life – isn’t that what money is for to begin with?

What needs to change is the whole concept of the money system, from an abusive capitalistic system disregarding the value of life – to a supportive system, that includes everybody in the equation – what we need is an equal money system that isn’t motivated by the profit of some but rather the betterment of the whole…

All these protests that are going on, they are all but a mirror of a system gone bad, showing us it is time for a change – it won’t help if the doctors get what they want, or if housing prices go down by a few percent – the whole system must change for us to live in confidence that the system we live in is “on our side” supporting us equally in our life journey.

we must create a new system that supports us as life and isn’t driven by greed, money or power, a system that reflects us as how we want to be, live and communicate and not one that reflect our worst social and personality traits as humans.

It is up to us to bring forth a change, the solution is an equal money system – educate yourself about the equal money system, find out what you can do.

If you’d like to learn more about the equal money system, visit:


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