2011 – Are you Supporting Child Abuse?

In the current reality we exist in it is unfortunately pretty common to hear about child abuse;

in most countries there are laws that “force” anyone that suspects child abuse is taking place to report it to the authorities in order to protect the powerless children.

Within this current system, the law “forces” you to report abuse but it doesn’t protect you from the consequences. Just as an example, imagine you find out your boss is abusing their child, would you report them, knowing you might lose your job? Will the current system guaranty you will be financially safe? No!! There are many cased that do not get reported for this reason, people are afraid to report abusers if they hold power over them because they have something to lose, and no one is protecting them..

In other words anyone that is in power is less likely to be reported on, thus can freely go on and participate within the cycle of abuse; they know they will get out of any mess by pulling some strings… The system as it is today actually supports abusers to continue instead of supporting those that are reporting the situation in the name of the voiceless children.

In an equal money system, no one can hide, because no one will have power over another, so no one will be able to intimidate others to keep their dirty secrets hidden, we will all be equals in the eyes of the law. Anyone that is an abuser will be reported regardless their position because no one will be in danger for reporting them.

The equal money system is created to support all life, and will not tolerate abusive behavior, just as this system claims, but the difference will be within the practicality – the current system claims to go against abuse but in fact it protects the powerful abusers as part of the elite “back scratching back” system that’s going on, where as the equal money system is based on equality no one more powerful than another, and as a result no one will need to do any favors and “scratch backs” to survive. The equal money system will support of life, acting in the best interest of all – thus detecting and getting rid of abusive behavior will be much more effective because no one will have the interest to hide someone else’s abuse. And within the equal money system the abusers will be truly supported as well to realize their abusive behavior and to take self responsibility and change themselves in alignment with the principle of equality as what is best for all.

It will take some time to adjust to the change, but imagine a world free of abuse, where no one can use money to get away with unacceptable behavior such as child abuse, because all are taken care of, all basic needs are met, there is no fear of survival, and thus we are free from being directed by that fear…

Stop the abuse – educate yourself about the Equal Money System – and join us

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