2011 – Stephen Hawking: Heaven is Just a ‘Fairy Story’

“Heaven is a fairy story for people who are afraid of the dark”(Stephen Hawking)

The world known physicist Stephen hawking has found the scientific proof that god does not exist – this creation as we know it, taking into account what we know about the physical, from quantum physics to gravitational theory, is a result of fluctuations in energy, due to forces of gravity – in other words – creation was a statistical event, that could have just as well happened differently and there is no real reason to beLIEve in god or heaven or saints…

After finishing my academic degree in physics what I have learnt is that science is limited and cannot give us all the answers, there are many mysteries left unanswered: What is life? What is death? What happens when life and death meet?

I finished my degree knowing that there is very little I can actually KNOW. Everything else is just a list of beLIEfs and ideas based on assumptions that are based on social structures, and the social structures are based on deception, self-interest power games and manipulation – so basically I’m fucked, how can I trust anything???

What I realized is that all I can only count on myself; I must learn to be self-honest in order to build self-trust. To establish a critical mind set so I can check for myself all the information/ideas/beliefs coming my way. I realized the responsibility i have to see if the beliefs that I hold and live by are actually supporting me or not. Going even further down the “self-honest rabbit hole” would be investigating if the idea of ‘me’ as a separate entity is a supportive belief or not.

I came to realize that since there is so much I cannot know – I have the responsibility to choose the ideas and beliefs that are most supportive. Through applying self-honesty within common sense I have realized that we are all one and equal, and the most supportive and practical way of life would be one that supports all equally – living what is best for all is essentially what is best for me, anything less than what is best for all is based on beliefs/ideas that when looked at closely are exposed as not supporting of life, thus within them exist abuse/manipulation/self-interest.

Let me look at the idea/belief of god and see if it is actually supporting life or is the belief of god creating unnecessary abuse and suffering.

Since the idea of god/heaven is a belief – it is not an actual knowing. We either believe in it or we don’t, and accordingly we apply ourselves in this reality as the physical living statement as who we are.

I will break it down to see the outflow of each belief:1. There is a god and heaven. 2. There isn’t.

1. If there is a god and heaven – we are then not responsible for all that is happening here on earth, some believe this is just a short stop on the way to heaven, some believe this is the time we are being tested before we can enter heaven, and so on… there are many different beliefs about god and heaven – and they all come down to us not taking self-responsibility, not being fully here as we prepare ourselves for heaven, not standing as life and working together to support ourselves in this physical reality – we justify the atrocities around us based on karma, or god’s wish, instead of doing what is necessary to do in order to stop them.

We live in and as self-interest from the starting point of fear or hope for self, looking ‘out there’ for something external to help us and save us and forgive us, believing there is something ‘out there’ that we must obey and follow.

This construct creates a life lived within inferiority – living like a powerless child afraid of his almighty “father”, who gives him both treats when he’s behaved and a beating when his in need of punishment… Believing in a god creates an outflow of a world experience such as the one of an abused and scared little child.

Is that the kind of world we want to live in??

If there isn’t a god nor a heaven – some poeple then beLIEve that there is nothing of meaning – “lets drink and have fun, lets fuck all day and night…” this scenario can be seen in different parts of the world today, abusing our bodies and each other from the starting point of: “no one is watching no one is here to punish us, no one is here to tell us right from wrong – lest go wild…”

What we are missing here again is our self-responsibility, not opening our eyes to see how our life style is affecting the world around us, our brothers and sisters. This way of life is based on a self-interest starting point disregarding of our community, based on the desire to experience pleasure – to avoid boredom, this life style is pumped up by consumerism and the capitalistic system that creates this bubble around all those that are lucky enough to be the elite in the world and don’t give a fuck about all the starving poor people, that are a direct result this abusive life style…

Not believing in a god creates the outflow of a world experience such as a spoilt child that thinks everything revolves around them. Another fucked up experience of a world.

Thus far ,both beliefs are not supportive and both can be found as an actual expression in our world… Are we doomed?…

Let me show you a third option –one that Stephen hawking talks about as well in not so many words. In his interview he said, simply:

“We should seek the greatest value of our action.”

I say – one must not only seek the greatest value of their actions – one must live into reality the greatest value of their actions.

But, what is the greatest value of action? you ask… The greatest value of actions would be to live within a principle of equality and oneness – to live into action that which is BEST FOR ALL and not just best for some.

Not believing in a superior god allows us to stop existing within the inferiority/superiority complex as the first step to live equality as ourselves.

We must realize this world is our home – from a perspective of taking responsibility and taking care of our one planet and one group of people and creatures living on it.

Is heaven a made up fairy tale for those scared of the dark? – yes! But can we create heaven into a lived physical reality? I say we can!!

It is up to us and no-one else. It’s time to wake the fuck up and fix ourselves up to start realizing that we are all in this together and we better start acting like a group that cares for each other or else we will continue fucking ourselves and this world down to the ground, and there won’t be any god coming to save us from ourselves.

The need for the belief of heaven and a god is based on our unwillingness to take self-responsibility. But if we allow ourselves to grow up and stand as the life that we are, to stop hoping that someone else will fix this mess up for us and instead do what is needed to be done to fix it up for ourselves, we can in fact create HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

We can in fact be the god of our existence, not one god that controls it all, but all will be god as equals, creating our experience together.

What experience would you want to create? One of starvation / abuse / rape / murder / war / pollution…

Or would you rather create a reality based on community / support / equality / life…

We have the power – only we do – we must start looking in critical eyes at all our beliefs and allow ourselves to let go our beliefs that are not supporting all of us as life equally.

We can create an enjoyable experience for all of us equally, lets work together to create heaven on earth and not wait for death to start living.

Don’t wait for death – start living now

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3 Responses to 2011 – Stephen Hawking: Heaven is Just a ‘Fairy Story’

  1. Ian Webster says:

    May I be so bold as to challenge you on two points?
    But first I love your, “one must live into reality the greatest value of their actions.” It’s a powerful and challenging concept. I also like your approach. So often these ‘debates’ sink into mud-slinging and name-calling (from both sides). You have looked for a road through the polemic to growth and healing. While I doubt our ability to reach there on our own (i.e. without ‘outside help’) I agree with the goal.

    You say (perhaps it was partly tongue in cheek), “The world known physicist Stephen hawking has found the scientific proof that god does not exist”. I would say that, on the contrary, while I have great respect for his scientific pronouncements (many of which are beyond my understanding), this was not one of them. It was a statement of belief. That doesn’t invalidate it, anymore than his statement invalidates my belief.

    Then you say, “there are many different beliefs about god and heaven – and they all come down to us not taking self-responsibility….”
    I can’t agree with you. There are many who see their belief in God as a huge responsibility for themselves, for our world, for our universe. I agree that too many believers hide behind their faith instead of allowing their faith to challenge them to “live into reality the greatest value of their actions” but that doesn’t invalidate belief in God. It just helps us recognise that God is greater than our understanding of him or our self-creation of him.

    But this is just me speaking from my own experience and my beliefs based on that experience. It’s not proof; it can never be that but that doesn’t make it less likely to be true.
    May I invite you to visit my blog? You will find my responses to Stephen Hawking’s comment. I wrote a poem first and then an article.
    Take care.

    • mayarote says:

      hi, thanks for your comment – the reason i say “there are many different beliefs about god and heaven – and they all come down to us not taking self-responsibility….” is based in the words you expressed here in your comment to me: “…recognize that God is greater than our understanding of him or our self-creation of him.”
      by allowing ourselves to believe there is a “greater” power, external and separate from self, we are leaving a back door, a justification for not taking responsibility for all that exist here, using the excuse of it being “god’s wish” or “god’s way” – the belief in a “god” allows us to accept many of the atrocities that we see in this world and not believe we can do a thing about it – thus within believing in a god we are not taking self responsibility for all that is here.
      we will never take responsibility as long as we believe that a “higher god” is here to save/protect/create/punish… we must realize it is all about self, we are the one thing we need to worry about – from the perspective of changing the starting point of ourselves to one of self responsibility within alignment with the principle of equality and oneness – in other words – doing what is best for all, equally, always and in all ways.
      for more information regarding our belief system and how we blind ourselves due to us allowing ourselves to believe…

  2. Ell says:


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