2011 – Immigrants – history repeating itself

I’ve been thinking of this point of immigrants, people leaving their home land in search for what? A better future, safety… there are many different reasons, but they can all be summed up in people that are not satisfied with their experience for whatever reason, are looking to create a better reality for themselves and their families.

My grandfather was an immigrant 64 years ago. In 1939 my grandfather was one of the 936 Jewish refugees escaping from Germany on the MS St. Louis ship. The ship was planned to dock in Cuba, but when it got to Cuba their entrance was denied. They then requested to dock in the United States but were denied as well, and the ship returned to Europe in the midst of the holocaust of WW2, as the genocide of the Jewish people was taking place. My grandfather was lucky and managed to survive the war, although a lot of his “luck” had to do with the money that he had, money that was sent to him from his relatives, so he could bribe solders that otherwise might have turned him in.

After the war there was major criticism of the apathy of the world – as this genocide and atrocities were taking place, the world was accepting in silence. My grandfather survived but 254 out of 936 passengers didn’t.

After WW2, in 1951 a Refugee Convention was approved by a special U.N. conference, at first the protection was limited to European refugees only, but in 1967 the protocol expanded to include all the people in the world under the protection of this document.

The convention defines refugees as people being prosecuted and is directed to people experiencing a violent threat to their lives, but the underline of the document is the protection of human basic rights for all humanity equally – this was a breakthrough document standing up for life equally worldwide, Making a statement that all humans have the basic right to live in safety. Wow – this is great news… well, not quite yet…

Looking at our world now, 2011, are we not guilty of the same crime today as we were 64 years ago? Accepting and allowing our fellow humans to run for their lives, to hide, to fear, to hope, while we close our borders and justify our actions by not wanting our high standard of life to be compromised??

If people are still today crossing countries in hope of a better life, is that not an indication that their basic human rights are not being met? Is that not enough of an indication for us to open our eyes and see that atrocities are still going on at this very moment, and we are accepting it to continue within the leisure of our homes?

A few months ago the Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans were applauded and supported by the modern developed countries. We all supported their goal for a democracy; we supported their stand for what was no longer accepted by them.

One of the consequences of this up rising is a massive wave of immigrant from north Africa into Europe, mainly through Italy. This immigration is creating much tension in Europe to such an extent that it has been suggested to close the open borders within the EU. These immigrants are leaving Italy and finding their way to France, Germany and other countries that have no interest in sharing their standard of living with “these people”.

The main reason they are not welcome in Europe is money, and within it the fear of sharing ones wealth, based on the fear of survival. Looking 64 years ago, money was the reason those 936 Jews were not allowed into Cuba. Looking now at the bigger picture, money, within our accepted money system, is the reason for greed, is the reason we go to war, the reason we desire power over others, the reason we accumulate unnecessary wealth…. Money is the core cause for these people to leave their homeland and it is the cause for them not being accepted with open arms in their “new home”.

These people have nowhere to go.

Throughout the history we have criticized countries for not accepting immigrant, we judge them for not caring for human rights, but how can anyone in particular be blamed as we are all participating within this current money system as we know it. We are all equally responsible for all that we are all equally accepting and allowing                                                                                   within our world, that we are all sharing here.

The future of these immigrants is not a future either of us would hope for ourselves or our children, if they are accepted in Europe they will be tagged as second class citizens, if they are not accepted they will either be illegal immigrants or will have to leave back to where they came from or keep searching – either way they would have to deal with a life experience that I would not won’t for myself. Would you? Do they not deserve the standard of life that we do? What was their crime? And on the other side, what have I ever done to deserve such a comfortable life experience while others are fighting for their basic rights? Is there a reason why it is them and not you? It was my grandfather, it could be me, it could have been you. As long as we keep things the way they are – we are all at risk of this happening to any of us…

But, will welcoming them in to Europe in open arms, solve the problem?


The problem is systematic, and must be treated as such; any small scale solution is merely addressing the symptoms and isn’t really creating a solution that will hold the test of time. We must consider changing everything, changing the structure we take for granted, we must change the core of the money system, and within changing the money system we change everything here on earth.

We change the starting point, we change it from survival to support, we stop acting from self-interest, and start acting from what’s in everybody’s interest – doing what is best for all – including everything and everyone in the concept of ALL.

An equal money system that support life as a principle, a system that is here for us, a system that does not tolerate abuse/greed/profit/power to dictate our experience.

Research the equal money system at www.equalmoney.org

The word of an equal money system is spreading like fire;

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  2. Thanks for your perspective on immigration and equal money. Well stated! Look forward to more.

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