2011 – Greece bailout – who is responsible?

When I first heard of the Greece bailout I thougt to myself: “ho, that’s nice, countries of the world are coming together to help out a falling country, what a great world we live in…”

I soon realized the harsh truth of the reality we live in. No – the world isn’t coming together to help a falling country due to a “one for all – all for one” principle. No – I have been very naive even to think that – in actuality every and all countries are working from a starting point of self-interest – they don’t care about Greece – they only care about themselves, hoping to save themselves through the bailing of Greece, because they understand the interconnectedness of all world economies. It’s like a dominoes game, one country fall and one by one more countries will follow.

It was unexpected for the European Union to have one of their own fall financially, and it created a risk of compromising the currency of the euro – this is really the reason why they even started considering bailing Greece out. Greece’s fall could create an outflow of financial reactions that would compromise the stability of many other countries in the European Union and around the world, as the entire world is financially connected – so basically, in an attempt to save themselves they offer Greece a bailout.

So I am not as naïve anymore in regards to thinking the world we live in is actually based on unconditionally supporting one another. As I investigated this point I found more… let’s see how deep down the rabbit hole we want to go with this…

I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. If all our economies are interconnected, we are all in a way responsible for each other, we appear to be separated into countries but our influence on each other is vast. Our separate economies are in fact one big economic system that works as one unit, but presents itself as individualized units with individualized interests. Within this separate system it is considered legitimate to follow and act upon the individual interest even when compromising the collective interest of the whole economy, because as I’ve said it isn’t presented as one unit, but as many separated units… what I see within this point is the actual responsibility we have for each other, and our abdication of it due to the belief we are separate. From this new perspective I see now that we, as the entire economic system, are actually responsible for Greece falling and therefore we are responsible to support Greece and any other country to stand stable.

Within bailing Greece out, what we are actually doing is patching up a hole created in our system, a hole that is located specifically on Greece, but effects and puts in danger the entire fabric of our economic system.

looking at the picture now, I can’t help but think that patching up the tear in the fabric is merely attending to the symptoms and ignoring the source problem, the actual cause of the tear, without finding the reason we will spend all our future patching up holes in order to save ourselves… without a real solution the symptom will inevitably return, and history will repeat itself again and again and again and again…

We must understand the actual problem in order to find a practical solution that will stop us from going into this loop. Bailing out falling countries is obviously disregarding the cause of the problem and thus isn’t a real solution that will hold the test of time.

The real cause of the problem is the basis of our current money system, as we know it. Our money system is currently based on separation, polarity, self interest and profit, and it is all justifies by the fear of survival. Our system isn’t supporting us – we are in a constant struggle to survive. Those of us that are not experiencing fear of survival, it’s because we are the elite, we are the ones that are currently “on top” and are responsible within our participation, due to our comfortability and safety, for the polarity, abuse and  Exploitation we see currently around us. Our current money system is based on have’s and have not’s as it is clearly portrayed by the drastic class differences we see in our countries and in the world – our money system  is definitely not based on equality and not supportive of life.

We must change the entire money system; we must create a system that will support us all equally. All deserve to live without fear of survival, not just some. All deserve to live in dignity, to have food and shelter, not just some.

We’ve seen the interconnectedness that we live in, we share this economy, we share this earth, we share the air – let us create a system that mirror this unity and equality back to us. An EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM is the solution.

Educate yourself about the equal money system, because we are not interested in patching up holes – we are interested in life.

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